Thursday, October 14, 2010

A book of humorous rural stories by author Marianne Love.

Complete with potato recipes from the great state of Idaho.

Plenty of slice-of-life tales to go along with the taters. 

This book is one of three collections of stories written by this Sandpoint author/retired teacher.

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~~Story Titles~~

Potatoheads are People, Too

This Ol' Spud Ain't No Netted Gem

Assuming It's a Wolf

Three-Name Lounge

Spud, the Lugs, and The Fuzz

Black Lab Tests

Lawnmowers 'R Us

Farm Improvement, or Rambo's Revenge

Tuba or Not Tuba

Pumping Wood and Proud of It

Pocket Girdles, Revisited

No Longer North Boyer---Now Halves of Beef

Marianne's Guidelines for Remembering Ol' Whatshername

Communicative Diseases

The Magic Friendship Candle

Postcards from Times Passed


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